Sustainable Water Services
Our water services for the oil & gas industry are intended to help operators lower their freshwater footprints, improve field-level economics, and enhance their environmental and local stewardship. Antelope specializes in water reuse and recycling, incorporating data analytics, and places an emphasis on landowner and local stakeholder relations.

Integrated Water Management
Antelope builds, owns, and operates water infrastructure to support water services for several oil & gas operators at once. Our integrated services also help reduce environmental stresses for ranchers and local stakeholders.

Reuse and Recycling
Circular water services are at the core of our company. Antelope specializes in helping operators maximize wastewater resources while letting landowners preserve freshwater resources for future generations.

Sustainable Sourcing & Water Transfer
Where freshwater sources are necessary to use, Antelope delivers water from groundwater and aquifers in the most environmental and cost conscious manner possible.

Disposal and Produced Water Treatment
When reuse is not economically or environmentally viable, Antelope disposes of wastewater through technically sound processes. We aim to grow a geographically diverse disposal infrastructure network to complement our recycling services.

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