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Mountain Range


What’s New

Official announces partnership with Cody Wilson Farms in Midkiff and MOU with Antelope Water Management. 

Antelope Water Management's business model is on-demand rather than contractual obligations.

Antelope announces open season on two produced water recycling facilities in the Permian Basin.

Antelope Water Management announced the appointment of Cynthia A. Archer to its Board of Directors and the appointment of H.H. "Tripp" Wommack III as a Board Observer and Advisor. 

Exterran has entered into a MOU with Antelope Water Management for deployment of Exterran's water products and services.

Antelope Water Management has tapped Data Gumbo's blockchain network for smart contracts.

KMX Technologies Expands Its Intellectual Property Portfolio with Rare Earth and Lithium Extraction Processes

KMX Technologies, LLC (“KMX”), a market leader in membrane distillation, announced today that it has expanded its intellectual property... 

Antelope Water Management, LLC (“Antelope”) announces the close of its merger between Probitas Water Solutions, LLC (“Probitas”) and a wholly owned operating subsidiary.

Antelope announces the close of its asset acquisition of KMX Membrane Technologies Corp., a leading membrane distillation technology provider for the water, waste, and environmental remediation industries.  

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