Antelope Water Management

Sustainable Water Solutions for the Extractive Industries

Antelope Water Management partners with the oil & gas and mining industries to deliver water infrastructure, treatment, sourcing and disposal services. Our water solutions are tailored to meet the evolving environmental and economic challenges facing the extractive industries today.

Sustainable Water Services

Oil & Gas

Our water services for the oil & gas industry are intended to help operators lower their freshwater footprints, improve field-level economics, and enhance their environmental and local stewardship. Antelope specializes in water reuse and recycling, incorporating data analytics, and places an emphasis on landowner and local stakeholder relations.

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Integrated Water Management

Antelope builds, owns, and operates water infrastructure to support water services for several oil & gas operators at once. Our integrated services also help reduce environmental stresses for ranchers and local stakeholders.

Reuse and Recycling

Circular water services are at the core of our company. Antelope specializes in helping operators maximize wastewater resources while letting landowners preserve freshwater resources for future generations.

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Sustainable Sourcing & Water Transfer

Where freshwater sources are necessary to use, Antelope delivers water from groundwater and aquifers in the most environmental and cost conscious manner possible.

Disposal and Produced Water Treatment

When reuse is not economically or environmentally viable, Antelope disposes of wastewater through technically sound processes. We aim to grow a geographically diverse disposal infrastructure network to complement our recycling services.


We actively monitor the water challenges in the mining industry and believe third party led sustainable water solutions will be critical for the mining industry to play a role in the energy transition. We evaluate opportunities related to recycling, treatment, sustainable sourcing, and disposal.

Equipment Distribution

Antelope partners with emerging and best-available-technology manufacturers to fulfill unique water related oilfield challenges for domestic and international projects. Antelope offers a suite of water filtration and separation equipment for the oil and gas industry.


Desanding Equipment

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Deoiling Equipment

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Filtration Equipment

Health, Safety, & Environment

Antelope promotes strong Health, Safety & Environment values and adheres to best practices for water management.


Our safety commitment...

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Environment & Local Stakeholders

Our environmental commitment...

Have a safety, environmental, or ethical concern to discuss on an Antelope project? Report it.

According to PRI, a United Nations supported investor initiative, "the role the oil and gas industry will play in a low carbon economy is under question, as is how countries will secure their energy requirements. As countries consider their emission reductions and Nationally Determined Contributions, high-cost resources are likely to be the most affected (PRI, 2017)." As a result, Antelope is committed to providing water solutions for oil and gas resources that are expected to be part of the energy transition, with a focus on low-cost and lower carbon profiles. As the energy transition unfolds, Antelope anticipates maintaining its focus on promoting sustainable water solutions for the oil and gas industry, while increasing exposure to mining and the minerals that will increasingly power the economy of the future.

Antelope Water Management - Energy Transition Strategy


PRI, 2017 "Engaging with Oil & Gas Companies on Fracking", Principles for Responsible Investment, January 2017, Available from:

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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Zachary Sadow

Head of Strategy & Finance

Prior to co-founding Antelope, Zac spent 13 years in financial services as an energy analyst, including 9 years at Barclays where he developed and led the firm's water and energy research initiative. He is based in New York and is also an Adjunct at the Columbia Water Center.


Advisory Board

Leveraging Cross-Discipline Experience 

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Michael Hightower

Research Professor, Center for Water & the Environment, New Mexico University

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Morris Hoagland

Director, Jade Dragon, LLC

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Upmanu Lall, PhD

Director, Columbia Water Center

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