KMX Technologies, an Antelope Water Management company, is a Vacuum Membrane Distillation technology provider. Our patented technology and processes were developed to address the world’s toughest industrial water treatment challenges. Utilizing a low temperature thermal process and a low pressure operating system gives KMX an energy efficient design allowing us to deploy cost savings solutions to the mining, desalination and industrial water markets.



Tailing ponds and acid mine  drainage are liabilities for global  mining. Recovery of rare earth  metals, lithium and other minerals drives favorable economics for wastewater treatment and recovery. 



Agricultural areas are becoming more stressed due to aquifer depletion and salt accumulation in soils. Treatment of brackish waters and industrial waste streams are becoming viable options for agricultural purposes. 

Environmental Remediation


Legacy contamination, the decommissioning of power plants and contaminants of emerging concern all require scalable, robust, advanced treatment processes.


Rising costs of water, wastewater disposal and resource constraints are driving industrial users to seek more efficient and sustainable water  management practices.


Seawater desalination SWRO and inland brackish water desalination (BWRO) produce a brine concentrate with limited disposal options requiring new solutions for brine management .

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